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KnockoutNet Pro

KnockoutNet Pro

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  • Use real pucks! All age and strength ranges
  • Smaller targets ramp up the precision and difficulty
  • Seven built-in games will improve your shot awareness, shooting speed, and accuracy
  • Durable and rugged! Made from the same materials used in arena boards and glass
  • Great for training facilities, ice rinks, garages, driveways, basements
  • Includes games: Blackout, HORSE, Knockout, Run 'Em Up, Sniper, Stayin' Alive, Time's Up
  • Hockey goal not included
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Rock Solid Warranty


THREE YEAR for structural parts and materials. Includes frame and front panels.

TWO YEAR for electronics. Includes circuit board, wiring, display, sensors, power supply.

LIFETIME phone support

Built-In Games

Blackout (Available on Classic and PRO model)

Test your speed and precision in this game where all panels start red. Hit each panel to turn it off and strive to hit all nine as quickly as possible. There's no time limit, and the game records your time and shot count.

Corners (Available on Classic model only)

In this tactical game, your aim is to hit all four corner panels, which start out red, as quickly as possible. But be careful - striking a non-corner panel will reactivate some or all of the corners. Your time and shot count are recorded.

Hit or Miss (Available on Classic model only)

Hone your reflexes by hitting the randomly flashing blue panel as many times as you can within 30 seconds. The blue panel changes after every hit or miss. The game tracks your hits and misses.

HORSE (Available on Classic and PRO model)

Two players take turns replicating each other's shots. Fail to hit the panel your opponent hit and you earn a letter from the word "HORSE." You win by forcing the other player to spell the whole word.

Knockout (Available on Classic and PRO model)

Experience the thrill of Blackout with an added time crunch. You have just 30 seconds to hit all the panels.

Run 'Em Up (Available on Classic and PRO model)

In this fast-paced, 30-second game, accumulate as many points as possible. Corner hits are worth 25 points, middle outer panels score 10 points, and the center panel deducts 5 points. Look out for a panel flashing blue - hitting it scores a whopping 50 points!

Sniper (Available on Classic and PRO model)

Challenge your focus by hitting a single moving target as many times as possible within 30 seconds. The more successful hits you make, the faster the target moves.

Stayin' Alive (Available on Classic and PRO model)

In this pressure-packed challenge, you've got 5 seconds to hit the lit panel. Succeed, and earn yourself another 5 seconds to continue the game with the lit panel in a new location. Keep the streak going for as long as possible. Can you beat the clock and stay alive?

Streaker (Available on Classic model only)

Just like Sniper, but with a twist - one missed target and it's game over. How long can you keep the streak?

Tic-Tac-Toe (Available on Classic model only)

Bring in a friend and play a classic game of tic-tac-toe, where one player is red and the other is blue. Alternate turns to hit panels and turn them your color, aiming to get three in a row to win.

Time's Up (Available on Classic and PRO model)

Score as many points as you can within 30 seconds by hitting the flashing blue panel. The quicker you hit the panel after it moves, the higher the points. Be warned - your potential point value decreases the longer you take to hit the target. How high can you score before time's up?

Interactive Hockey Training


Part hockey net, part gaming platform...full-on fun

Improve open-shot awareness, shooting quickness, and accuracy in-game

Up to eleven built-in games engage, challenge, and entertain

Portable & Versatile

Light, maneuverable, easy to transport & store

Handles allow one person to lift and carry

Set up on an ice rink, driveway, garage, basement, gym, training facility

Mount to a wall or hockey goal frame – hardware included

Optional free-standing floor stands

Optional battery


Choose from five frame colors

Add your organization's logo

Buy With Confidence

Made with high-quality, durable materials

Engineered to handle the hardest shots

Buy now, pay later options available

In Great Company

We are proud to count the NHL's Minnesota Wild, Dallas Stars, Chicago Blackhawks, and San Jose Sharks as happy customers!

Minnesota Wild logo

Dallas Stars logo

Chicago Blackhawks logo

San Jose Sharks logo

  • Minnesota Wild

    Senior Manager of Brand Activation & Events

    "The KnockoutNet has been a great addition to our events. It appeals to all ages, and it's so simple to setup and operate, we don't hesitate to use it. As much as we use it, we worried about wear and tear, but it is incredibly durable."

  • Dallas Stars

    Promotions Manager

    "The KnockoutNet is great! Super fun for fans and players alike. The built-in games offer lots of different options, and the visuals are really cool. We liked our first KnockoutNet so much, we ordered another one!"

  • TMJ Elite Fitness


    "Our hockey players are always excited and challenged when using KnockoutNet. It's a great addition to our hockey facility."

  • LAXID Hockey


    "I can't say enough great things about KnockoutNet. We purchased one for a local hockey rink; it's been a hit from day one. There are usually people waiting in line to play. It is used 3-4 hours a day every day and has held up great over the past three years. It is worth every penny!"

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